What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a unique profession focusing on human occupation and assisting individuals to function at their optimal potential in all daily living activities. Preparation in both the behavioral and medical sciences enables an occupational therapist to analyze obstacles of the mind, body and/or environment that may restrict an individual from developing and achieving his/her fullest potential.

The occupations of children include play, self-help skills, self-discovery, learning and social interactions. Some children are faced with challenges that may affect their self-esteem and their ability to interact and function in their learning and social environments. Through assessment, analysis, creativity and purposeful activity, occupational therapy facilitates development of sensory, motor and cognitive functions to promote a child’s ability to play, learn, develop skills and successfully interact in his/her environment.

Occupational therapists also adapt activities and environments so that a child can achieve his/her absolute fullest functional potential. Occupational therapists provide treatment and can recommend accommodations, remedial programs and teaching strategies to parents and educators to facilitate development, and promote learning in the home and school environment.

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