Fee for in clinic assessment/treatment are as follows:

  • $160/hour
  • $140/45 minutes
  • $100/ 30 minutes

Fee for in home assessment/treatment:

  • $175/hour (in client’s home)*

*Mileage may be charged for in-home sessions that are beyond the therapist’s
geographical boundary)

Rates apply to: direct time (assessment, consultation, & treatment) and indirect time (clinical documentation as required by the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario, analysis and interpretation of assessment results) as well as any face to face or phone consultation with parents, teachers or other professionals involved in your care.

There is no charge for: initial phone conversation/screening, brief telephone calls & consultation, brief E-mail communication, preparation, charting, copying, faxing and planning.

Additional fees:

A written report of clinical findings/assessment/progress/treatment plan/discharge report, treatment recommendations can be provided by parent request only and will be billed at the current rate depending on time required:

Payment by cash or cheque is due upon completion of each session. Once payment is received, a receipt of payment will be issued for income tax or insurance purposes.

Your child’s sessions are reserved. Please inform your therapist immediately if you must cancel or reschedule your appointment. A no-show fee of $65 may otherwise be applied.

If there is a rate increase clients will be informed 4 treatment sessions in advance.